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    What is online Quran Learning?

    Learning the Arabic spiritual literature, the holy Quran is what every parent tends to do right. If you’ve never learn Quran online, you would probably think that such service only exists in a fairy tale or will be a complete disaster. In our case, we only deal with quality because quality education is the key to satisfy the soul, which is the key pillar in Islam. Therefore, learners Quran Academy has always aimed to provide only the best online learning to all our students to prosper in their lives. Not only that, we take utmost joy and pride in the work that our hardworking and professional qari delivers.

    How do our Quran Tutors prove to be the best?

    Often online Quran academies have the most intricate system while onboarding. However, we opted for a diversified approach. In order to get you the best and easiest learning experience, we have set the bar high.

    Our Features

      • Flexible schedule

    • Dedicated customer support

    • Start with the free trial

    • Completely dedicated tutors

    • World wide availability

    •  Diversity with platforms

    • 24 hours availability.

    • High-Speed Internet.

    3 simple steps to learn Quran online

    Find a Quran Tutor

    Describe the level of learning you’d like to start with, and moments later, you will be assigned a professional Quran tutor per your need and terms to learn Quran Online. So, start your free trial and get the best tutor onboard

    Select Your Plan

    Use your one-week free trial Quran classes for interviewing Quran teachers. Continue your Quran education with your selected tutor by choosing a classroom plan of your interest.

    Start Learning Quran

    You do not need to download any fancy software or internet browser. Our Quran teaching is designed for online Quran learning and works with your existing skype or zoom. So, get your free trial and learn Quran online.

    Check Our Pricing

    We always strive hard to bring quality education at affordable prices.




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    What We Offer in Our Online Quran Learning?

    We offer a distinct assortment of Quran education, including Quran recitation with tajweed, online Holy Quran Memorization or Hafiz, and holy Quran recitation with translation. So navigate to the service section and learn Quran online from professional teachers.

    Learn basics of Quran

    • Understanding Arabic
    • Identifying Arabic characters
    • Correct articulation
    • Whiteboard sessions
    • Learn Quran Online

    learning Quran

    • Advanced Islamic Education
    • Long Surahs memorization
    • Learning the Salaah
    • Memorization of daily duas
    • Learning Islamic pillars

    reading holy quran

    • Science of Quran
    • Quran with Tajweed
    • Perfect Quran recitation
    • Quran memorization
    • Quran translation

    Online Quran Learning Via Skype and Zoom

    When living in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, finding a qualified Quran tutor for your child is a tough job. Our online Quran academy houses the best and authentic Quran teachers to facilitate the students with Quranic education worldwide. At Learners Quran Academy, we provide opportunities for adults and kids to learn Quran online. Our teachers have 10+ years of experience so that they can handle kids of all ages. 

    We only hire Jamiat ur Rasheed and Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi teachers to maintain excellence in online education. These teachers grasp technology to teach online with fluency in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic; this makes learn Quran online a smooth experience. We are currently teaching on Skype and Zoom with hassle-free class timings so that students and parents can schedule their priorities accordingly. So what are you waiting for now? Get in touch with us and experience the new ways of online Quran Learning through online platforms like Skype and Zoom.


    Home Based Quran Classes

    When you register as a student with our simple and straightforward procedure, you will be able to attain home-based Quran classes at an ultra-affordable price. So if you are planning to get enrolled, you should try our free one-week trial. This free trial will help you learn the Quran with ease of mind while sitting in your comfort. In addition, our Islamic Quran Academy offers multiple courses, including online Quran learning with tajweed, Quran memorization, and many more.

    Our programs have no age restrictions or any other limitations. Every human is encouraged to learn Quran online because It is the word of Allah. So start learning the Holy Quran at home online without stepping out of your premises.

    Learners Quran Academy also features the best Female Quran teachers, which will help you improve your recitation of the Holy Quran. So if you want to learn Quran online, this is the best place to get enrolled!

    Benefits of Online Quran Learning From Professional Teachers

    We made the Quran studying an intercommunication source between tutor and student. Our teachers are hafiz e Quran, and they are fluent in reciting Quran in Arabic accent without any grammatical error. So learn Quran online and have an exceptional Quran learning experience!

    What did Our Students say about Our Online Quran Learning?

    Customer happiness is the superiority at our Learners Quran Academy. We offer 24/7 customer care that can resolve any issue you face, whether with the Quran instructor or related to tech. We will resolve your issues within a short time so that you will have a seamless service. Now grown-ups and kids can Learn the Quran Online word by word at home without using any unnecessary course matters. Our Online Quran Academy provides the opportunity to get a complete course of tajweed or Hifz the Quran.

    This is my first time with Learners Quran Academy! And I found that they are the professional Quran teacher tends to provide quality education.
    client Mr Danish ahmed
    Mr Danish
    Student’s Father
    Hi there! It’s Fatima here, My both children Najma and Ali are learning with passionately.
    Its been three months I’m using LearnersQuranAcademy service.
    Ms Fatima
    Ms Fatima
    Student’s Mother
    I have tried many online Quran teachess but Mr, Raheel is the best available Quran teacher right now.
    Flexible and provide service  24/7 online.
    Ms Amna
    Ms Amna
    Student’s Mother

    Let US Learn Quran Online From Authentic Quran Tutors

    Hit the contact form of contact via our chat to get the best online Quran learning opportunity from professionally trained teachers. Grab this limited-time opportunity and hit the start button with an instant 20% discount on online Quran learning at any course or duration.

    Learn Quran online in USA, Canada, and UK with Affordable Fee

    So if you are in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, you can quickly Learn Quran online in a modern way of online learning. Our specialized services make it easier for you to learn Quran online in USA through skype or zoom classes. Our online service is available to every edge of the world, including Japan, Canada, South Korea, and more. All you need is to contact us and start your one-week free trial classes. There is no distance, age, gender, and country discrimination in our service at all; we believe in quality online Quranic education for all. Whether you are living in the USA or Canada, language is not a barrier for you now. We have Online Quran Teachers who can speak different languages. They can speak English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic; now, we have Egyptian Quran teachers. We provide you with all of these facilities at a minimum and affordable fees so you can Learn Online Quran in Canada.

    How We Facilitate Students in Canada and UK

    The study of the Holy Quran, along with the history of our Islam, is very significant. Muslim people living in the USA, especially in California, Washington, New York, and any other city, can Learn Quran online by joining our online classes. And Muslims living in Canada, especially in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, or any other city, can also get facilitated with our diverse and flexible online classes packages.